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SGIFF x dröm: CheeK's – Chicken Rice War

SGIFF x dröm: CheeK's – Chicken Rice War

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Pin dimensions: 
W2.7cm x H2.7cm

The Little Dröm Store  x Singapore International Film Festival celebrates quirky Singaporean traits as inspired by four local films. These phrases and icons are deeply entrenched in Singaporean culture and lay a backdrop for the stories that have become endearing to us. The sure sign of local pride is having one of these brooches pinned to your favourite outfit!

Collect all 4 in the series:
01. Royston Tan's 881 - "Huat Ah"
02. CheeK's Chicken Rice War - "Die Die Must Try"
03. Eric Khoo's 12 Storeys - "HDB"
04. Ong Keng Sen's Army Daze - "Siao On"

Die Die Must Try
Inspired by CheeK's Chicken Rice War (2000)

Singaporeans are foodies at heart. With this passion and love for food, Singapore prides itself for having a culture of good authentic homegrown hawker delicacies, including our celebrated Chicken Rice. This phrase "Die Die Must Try" is a common phrase used by locals when we strongly recommend a dish to a friend. It means that the dish is worth your life, and you should try it against all odds. In the same way, star-crossed lovers Audrey and Fenson in the film fought for their love despite their family rivalry. A celebration of our adventurous and courageous spirit. 

Find out more about our collaboration here.

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